Monday, April 21, 2008


Sunday seemed to fly by at the New York Comic Con. The last day of the convention was much calmer than the previous days, but still there was a huge crowd. Estimates put the crowd this year at 64,000. That's up a lot from last years 49,000. This is really exciting, I can just see in a few years this being compared to the San Diego Con. The only thing different is I think there will be less Hollywood. And that's a good thing. This years convention really felt like a COMIC convention.

A big highlight over the weekend was getting to hear from all the readers of SENTINELS and how much they enjoyed the series. Thanks everyone, your words are truly appreciated and mean a lot to us.

Also, the SENTINELS Anthology sold extremely well and the color got a great response. People are already asking when or if we're doing another SENTINELS Anthology. Right now there are no plans. I'm focusing on NEVERMINDS along with Jamie Fay and Luciano is working on CRUEL THING with Lean (Leandra Martinez). I'm also working on developing another title and once that's done, hopefully, Luciano and I will re-team to finally get CASPIAN CURSES out there. After that...who knows. :)

Lastly, I had the chance to chat with a lot of comic creators this weekend, among them was (once again), Amanda Conners. Amanda is such a great artist and the fact that she is an extremely friendly and honest creator makes her that much more a superstar in my eyes. Amanda did the drawing of Julia from the 3rd Gen SENTINELS that's with this post. I love it! It compliments the one she did of BoBo at Megacon last month. Thanks again, Amanda!!!

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Anonymous said...

amanda is fastly becoming one of my favorite comicbook artists. she is super nice and a very down to earth person!!! our sketches turned out awesome!!!