Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Pittsburgh Comic Con is this weekend. Yup, another week, another convention. I only just recovered from the NYC Con, but I'm about to make the 6 hour drive to Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh convention was one of the first cons I ever went to and it has always been one of my favorites. There are really a lot of great people who attend the con and SENTINELS has a pretty good following there. This year though, I'm not sure how it will be. With the trial that just ended and all, I don't know what kind of attendence there will be. A few of the pros have cancelled too and that can be a bad sign. I'm hopeful that things will be okay and the show is great as usual. We'll see. I'd hate for the con to end, I've always been treated great and had an excellent show.

Going to the con with me is NEVERMINDS artist, Jamie Fay, and Andrew Charipar (artist on Serpenta's story for the SENTINELS Anthology and creator of TALES FROM THE CORNERSTONE). Both Jamie and Andrew will be doing commissions.

Also attending the convention is Ryan McLelland (writer of Serpenta's story and creator of WISE INTELLIGENCE and PHILLY). He'll be there with his girlfriend, Lauren, shopping, selling and doing some reporting. All of that of course is only if Ryan doesn't stop off at Hoss's and eat the .99 cents burger. Few ever return from that!

One last thing to mention before I head off is that Jamie Fay recently had a story done about him in his local hometown paper. Check out this link to read what they wrote: .


Ryan McLelland said...

Hoss - HAH! That's a great boring story of how Rich and I got lost on the way to Pitt. It's a straight line and lost.

Pics up over on my my name to check them out of Rich, Jamie, Andrew and some non-Sentinels sketches by Jamie and Andrew that are pretty tiiiight.

This year was dope...nothing beats drinking with Darth Vader. For REALZ!

Rich B. said...

Ha! Hoss. That still brings back nightmares. lol. In my defense though, it was more that I put the wrong address into mapquest then that we got lost.
Great pics from the con. I even swiped one for my Pitts post after this one. :)
Drinking with Darth Vader was cool, but what about the Chief from Battlestar? He got wasted at the penthouse parties!
And let's not forget about Karaoke. lol. Who knew Ryan could actually sing?