Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Steve Mannion did this sketch of Rapture for me last week at the Big Apple Con. I saw Steve's work and knew he'd do an amazing job. Perfect fit, huh? Steve has worked on such titles as Batman: Black and White, Batman Gotham Knights, Tales From the Crypt, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Satan's Circus of Hell, Strange Pirate Tales and Warlash: Dark Noir. Steve is also the writer and artist on THE BOMB (which has been described as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" meets "Mad Magazine") and was recently released as a trade by Asylum Press. I think Steve's rendition of Rapture has a great mixture of cute and sexy. It was also cool having him draw her, as this Con seemed to be one that I got a lot of villain sketches at.


jamie said...

this turned out great. i still think her left nipple would be showing becuse of the way he drew her top lol.

he seemed like a nice guy!

Hellstormer said...

Yea I gotta agree with Jamie on this one. Her nipple's totally in the air.

Rich B. said...

Doh! You guys are right. It kind of looks like that. lol.