Saturday, November 29, 2008


This sketch of Templar was drawn by Becky Cloonan at the Big Apple Con. I'm a BIG fan of Becky's work and she was one of the artists I was really looking forward to meeting at the Con. I first saw Becky's work on the Vertigo series American Virgin. It ran for 24 issue and was a pretty good read, but it was really the art that drew me to the series. Becky has a unique style that I really like. It's kind of a realistic/manga merge that reminds me a little of Luciano Vecchio's work. Meeting Becky, she was exactly how I thought she'd be, very nice and happy to answer questions. I was surprised when I asked her how much she was charging for sketches and she answered free if you buy one of her books. I was planning on buying her self-published MINIS anyway, so I thought that was really cool. So, I got MINIS and a free sketch! Cool, huh? Becky is currently drawing DEMO, another Vertigo series. I highly recommend it and all her other work. Check out her site at .


jamie said...

becky was really nice!!! great sketch!

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Jamie. Like I said, I'm a big fan of her work. :)