Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here's another one of the sketches I got while at the Big Apple Con last weekend. This time it's Silver Owl by Andy MacDonald. I was really surprised by Andy's choice of Silver Owl. I usually tell artists to just look through one of the SENTINELS books and pick whoever they want to draw. I think the sketches come out better that way. By not assigning a character to them, they pick one that they will enjoy drawing more. Hence my sketch comes out better. It's funny, but at this con, three of the artists picked lesser shown characters to draw (I'll be posting the rest soon). I have gotten sketches from Andy MacDonald in the past and he is one of my favorite artists. I always tell friends to seek him out and they always end up loving what he does for them. I don't know why Andy hasn't crossed that bridge to work on a mainstream Marvel or DC book yet, but I know he will. Andy has been drawing the Indie comic, NYC Mech for a few years now and his art is amazing in it. Check out to see what I'm talking about.


Philip Clark said...

Andy is a class act. That's a nice departure in style for him.

Anonymous said...

i love this piece. it turned out great. i got a piece by him too that was great!!

Hellstormer said...

Nice to see someone who isn't Harlette or Firebomb. :D

Now if only you could get more Lightbringer pics.

Rich B. said...

Agreed, Philip! Andy is definitely a great guy and always does awesome sketches.
I liked the Marrow sketch he did for you too, Jamie.
Lol,Keefer. I know, I know. I keep trying to get people to pick Lightbringer to draw. I'll have to work on that.