Monday, June 15, 2009


This sketch of Harlette, in her costume from SENTINELS Book 3: Echoes, was done by Matt Bayne at the 2009 Mocca Con. Matt has a really interesting art style that caught my eye as I looked around at the convention. Matt is the writer and artist on KNIGHTS OF THE SHROUD, a webcomic set in a fantasy world that follows the drama of five vigilante women in their life and death struggle against slavery. It's a really well thought out series and Matt also had some printed copies he was selling of the webcomic at the con. I bought them all and then Matt was nice enough to do this sketch of Harlette for me. I really like Matt's pencil style and his inks are great too. He seems to be able to keep the same quality of work to them with either. You can see more of his work at . There are a few different links there to his different projects. Check it out!


Jamie said...

this guy was so nice. cool sketch

Rich B. said...

Yeah. I t has a nice feel to it. I like his art a lot.

Matt Bayne said...

Oh, cool! Thanks for posting it and for the kind words. It was great to meet you and I wish you all the best on Sentinels.