Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here's one of the sketches I got at the Wizard Philly Con last weekend. This is Templar from SENTINELS Book 2: Masks as drawn by Tom Hodges. I really love Tom's work. His style is fresh, energetic and fluid. I love the little blue he put in. I had gotten a sketch by him a few years ago of Lightbringer and this one would totally compliment it. Check out Tom's website at .


Hellstormer said...

Wow this sketch just makes me think "Sentinels the Animated Series". I always love to see a Templar sketch and this one is fantastic with all the blue.

Rich B. said...

Lol, yeah, you're right, it totally does. Too bad it never happened. On the plus side, I have two other Templar sketches that I'll post soon. It's the 1st gen templar though, but both of the sketches are great.

Jamie said...

i love how our commissions from tom turned out!