Monday, June 8, 2009


I went to the NYC Mocca Con this weekend and was able to get quite a few sketches. I didn't have a table at the convention this year, I couldn't get off for work, but I was able to go on Sunday and I was glad I did. They changed the location of the show and it's MUCH better now. It still has one same problem though, it was HOT as hell, lol. Really, it seemed like everyone was sweating there which made for a great smell, lol. Ugh. Anyway, I was able to say hi to a few friends and get some cheap or free sketches. It was great because I hardly spent any money. I also got to get a few new Indie books which I hope to read soon. One of the artists I sought out at the show was Becky Cloonan. I'm a big fan of Becky's work and have gotten a cool sketch of Templar from her in the past. This time, she decided to draw Phazer. It's a really moody sketch and much different than most of her work. I really like it! It makes me think of him as possessed or something, lol. Please check out Becky's projects and more of her work at .


Hellstormer said...

Wow this is a great sketch as soon as I saw it this whole story just fell in to my mind. Phazer could be a total badass if things would have been different.

Jamie said...

very very moody!! i like it!! she did a good job on this and my wallflower pic!!

Rich B. said...

Totally agre, guys. This was one of my favorite sketches I got at Mocca. I can totally see a dark story behind this pic too.
And yes, your Wallflower pic turned out great too, Jamie.