Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm really behind in posting some of the sketches I've gotten at conventions this year and I've gotten some really great ones. The best yet. This sketch of Flare was done by Bryan K. Turner at the Pittsburgh Comic Con. Bryan is 1/4 of the team known as ID Comics. Last year I was able to get a kickass Crusher sketch by Bryan, so that he chose to draw Flare this year is pretty cool. I can't speak highly enough of Bryan's style. It's fresh, energetic and very stylish. And just like the rest of the ID Comics team, Bryan is a very nice guy. Check out more of Bryan's work at http://www.sauceboy.deviantart.com/ .


Jamie said...

bryan is awesome! i love how this turned out. i love the storm and x-23 he did for me.

Rich B. said...

I love mine better. :P
lol, just kidding, your sketches by him are awesome too.