Thursday, October 15, 2009


A little late posting about this, but I'll be at the Wizard Big Apple Con this weekend along with Jamie Fay. We'll be in Artists Alley at table 3036. There are a lot a artists and celebs scheduled to be at this con, so I think it'll be a great show. Check out the guest at .This is the first NYC con for Wizard since they bought the Big Apple Con. I used to go to the Big Apple Con religiously in the past but stopped about 3 years ago because of the people running the show. They were totally disorganized. Some of them are still working for Wizard, but I've been assured that our table won't be moved (as it was in the past, twice even at some shows). So, I'm crossing my fingers that things go well! Stop by and say hello!


Philip Clark said...

God help ya, bro. I heard half of the celebrities that were committed to the show were pulled at the last minute. Let's hope Wizard treats you better than the Big Crapple people.

Rich B. said...

I hadn't heard that, Philip. That sucks. I'm hoping for the best though. Crossing my fingers!