Thursday, August 25, 2011


So, this past weekend was the 2011 Baltimore Comicon. This is only a two day show, but it gets a very good turnout. We arrived bright and early Saturday morning to the show, eager to be there, only to discover that our table was cornered with two other artists. Unfortunately, this lead to some problems as we weren't able to put up both of our banners due to their table and ours over-lapping. I got someone from the convention to try to help us and they said they would be back quickly, but they had Stan Lee entering the building and needed to take care of him. No problem, Stan is a legend and deserves the attention and to be taken care of. So, we went about our business and only put up the NEVERMINDS banner. I was totally scrunched into my half of the table and shadow by another person's display on the right of me and no banner behind me. This made it hard to see what I had on my table and really show the books off or get attention. Needless to say, Saturday was not a good day at the convention for me. Sure, I sold a few books and art, but not the volume I usually do. Jamie Fay on the other hand did great and was completely book the entire day and even had to take commissions back to the hotel room to finish. Near the end of the day, I realized that nobody had come back over to us from the convention to help us with our problem. I went and found the person in charge and although he was very nice, there was basically nothing they could do. Sigh.

That night we got to have dinner with a great group of people! One of which was our friend from down south, Rhiannon Owens. Rhiannon is an extremely talented artist and came to the Baltimore Con mainly because we, and a few other people, told her it was a good show. She said the show went well for her, so I'm glad she made the trip up. We love seeing her and she's hilarious to hang with.

After dinner, we went to have fun at one of the hotel bars. We ran into the amazing Amanda Conner, who was very happy to see us. Amanda is one of the best creators in the biz (in my opinion) along with Jimmy Palmiotti. Amanda is working on a ton of things right now and I can't wait to see what she has out next. Whatever it is, you know with Amanda its going to be good!

Sunday was a really different day for me. For some reason, I was selling a ton of art. I sold a lot of books too, don't get me wrong, but it seemed it was totally and art day. I ended up selling over 20 of my pre-made headshot sketches and then did 4 commissions. Add that to the volumes of books sold on Sunday and I ended up okay for the weekend despite Saturday and the table prob.

Eventually, the guy running the Con offered to give us a break on next years table due to the problem we had. I'm not sure we will be returning next year though. We have to check our schedule.

We want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and supported us the Con! You guys are the best!!

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