Thursday, August 11, 2011


This sketch of Alanis Munroe from NEVERMINDS was done by Nei Ruffino at the 2011 Wizard World Philly Convention. Wayyyyy back when we first started NEVERMINDS (and when it was a completely different story), Nei was the colorist on the book. Anyone who has seen her coloring knows how amazing she is and it wasn't long before she was coloring multiple books for Zenoscope and DC Comics. Currently, she is coloring Birds of Prey and one of the Green Lantern books for DC Comics. In addition to being a professional colorist, Nei is also a talented artist. As you can see her she has a really unique and soft feel to her style. I also love her crisp linework and the expression she gave Alanis. Please check out more of Nei work at .

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