Sunday, August 28, 2011


We're proud to show off what will be the back cover for NEVERMINDS #2. This beautiful drawing of Nina was drawn by Ross Campbell and colored by Danielle St. Pierre. Ross is an extremely talented writer and artist, who has been nominated for multiple awards (including being nominated twice for an Eisner Award!). His work includes Wet Moon, Shadoweyes, The Abandoned, Water Baby and Mountain Girl. Ross work has a truly unique style to it. It's expressive in so many ways. His use of body language and facial expression really make his characters come to live. He also creates a very believable world with his writing and makes you care about each and every one of his characters. That's not something many creators can say. So, when Ross agreed to draw the back cover for NEVERMINDS #2, we were very excited! I love his rendition of Nina from the main part of the NEVERMINDS team and it's fitting that he's drawn her as she is the main focus of issue #2. Please check out more of Ross's work at and
Also bringing this back cover to life is our very talented colorist for NEVERMINDS #2, Danielle St. Pierre. We're super excited to see each page Danielle has been turning in and can't wait to show off her work. She did a knockout job on Ross's art and wait until you see what she's doing with Jamie Fay's! Check out more of Danielle's work at We'll show more previews of issue #2 tomorrow!

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