Wednesday, August 31, 2011


One of my oldest friends (I can say that because he really is older than me, lol) and one of the writers from the first SENTINELS Anthology (he wrote the Splash story!) is Noel Short. And after writing his story for the Anthology, Noel was bitten by the writing bug and along with his writing partner, Andrew Reaves, they created their own story called Breakers. Breakers is an underwater epic focusing on a race of mer-people. The protagonist, Gundred, strives to learn the secret of the legends of the "surface world" as he also becomes entangled with the evil "River People". The original art designs were drawn by NEVERMINDS awesome colorist, Rey Arzeno. Rey helped create the look of all the characters and provided Noel and Drew with inspiration to develop the entire story. Later, they found artist, Ashish Joshi, to become the regular artist on the series. I'd really love to see this series come to life, but self-publishing does not come easy and takes a lot of money. That's why Breakers has a Kickstarter page at . Please head over there and learn more about the series, see some amazing art and check out the promo video that they did. They only have 10 days left to make their goal. Help support them in whatever way you can!


Noel said...

Hey thanks again Buddy!

Rich B. said...

Anytime! I really hope you make it and get funded! I wanna see this book come to life!