Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Born in and raised in Louisiana, Gavin Michelli is the artist on Flare’s story for the second SENTINELS Anthology. Obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Louisiana State University, Gavin fell in love with comic books, cartooning and art in general. He’s work on Last Ride for the Horseman and published Ancients and Warriors: The Art of Gavin Michelli for Inverse Press.

I first noticed Gavin work on DeviantArt and was very excited when he entered and WON first place on our 3rd Drumfish Productions Art Contest. His rendition of Templar for the contest was killer and showed off his painterly art style perfectly. It wasn’t long after Gavin won the contest that we started working on the Anthology. I knew I really wanted Gavin to be involved and decided to pair him up with fellow Louisiana resident, Beau Tidwell. It was a perfect match! Gavin’s style, along with the bold colors he used, really gave a lot of depth to an already great story. Gavin also does a lot of interesting design angles and makes you understand the environment the characters are in. I expect everyone to be hearing great things from Gavin soon! But in the meanwhile you can see his work on Flare’s story within the Anthology and learn more about his next projects at

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