Thursday, February 19, 2009


Jeez, I've been posting a lot on the blog lately, lol. I know it's mainly been a lot of my sketches, but we are still working on lots of things. Soon I hope to get some more art for preview. In the meantime, hopefully I'm not boring everyone with my "sketch a day", lol. I'm mainly doing it to up my skills and hopefully get good enough by the end of the year so that I might do something written and drawn by me. Not sure how that will go just yet, but we'll see. This sketch of Magik from the New Mutants was fun to do. Love the horns and armor. I always thought she was a cool character and they never seemed to use her enough. She's back now though and I hope she'll appear regularly once her mini-series is over. The portal was fun to draw too, lol.