Tuesday, February 24, 2009


One of my favorite villains in the X-Men back in the 80s was the White Queen. How could you not like her and all her evilness? lol. So, when they started to make her one of the good guys/gals in the 90s, I wasn't too wild about it. But they did it slowly and it made sense. It also wasn't an over night change in her character. Since then Marvel has really put her in the limelight and I have to say I love what they've done. I also really like her and Cyclops together. To me, they're much more interesting then Jean and Scott were. Plus, when they bring Jean back now she can be with Wolverine, lol. I tried to draw Emma with a bit of sexiness yet not too risque. Hope it came out that way.


Philip Clark said...

Great sketch.

Jean and Scott FOREVER!

WiseIntelligencePhillyFan said...

I think you need to get some Philly characters up here...or some Wise Intelligence guys...just saying.

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Philip. But, BLAH, Scott's better with Emma. And Wolvie needs some loving too, so let him have Jean. :)
Some Wise Intelligence and Philly characters? Good suggestion, lol, I'm sure my buddy, Ryan would like that. Actually though, lol, I was planning on something down the line. Gotta get some Quantum characters done too. :)

Noel said...

WOW! really great.
I've gotten behind.
Your cranking these out so fast. and there GR8!