Monday, May 18, 2009


I had a looooong weekend this past week and wasn't really able to get any blogging done. I also wasn't able to scan any of the new sketches I've done. But I figure I'd make up for it by posting another sneak preview of NEVERMINDS. Of course, lol, it's only one panel again. But look how great it looks. Jamie and Rey are really doing a kickass job on the art and I think the wait is worth it since every panel is just as good as this.

I also want to say congrats to Ryan and Lauren McLelland who tied the knot this weekend. It was a great wedding and I was honored to be invited. Here's to many more years together for you two! Cheers!


Jamie said...

the book is gonna be good in my opinion, especially the art. lol

Noel said...

this is Beauty FULL!

Rich B. said...

I agree, Jamie, the art is looking great. The only thing better would be to see more of it done. :P
Thanks, Noel. I'm loving what the guys are doing on this. Excellent work by both of them.

Jamie said...

thans, rich! the writing is good to, wish there was more to read lol. :D