Monday, May 25, 2009


Powerboy was a Titan created during the 1 year later storyline that DC did during 52. They added like a ton of Titans to the team. Most of which were lame and ripoffs. Powerboy even looked like he was that too at first. I figured he was just a male Powergirl. I mean, he does have that hole in his costume at the chest just like her. But Powerboy actually turned out to be a little different. They revealed he was a New God and from Apokolips. I liked that idea and thought it had a lot of potential. Especially since the Titans never had any real dealing with Apokolips. Of course, DC didn't do anything but the expected and they made Powerboy into a Supergirl stalker. Lame. Then they Judd Winick kill him when he relaunched the horrible Titans series that reunited the Wolfman/Perez Titans. Oh, well, lol. He was a different type of character for me to draw. I think the pose is a little off, but I was trying to give him a strong look yet look like he had a "I love myself" attitude.

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