Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sorry for not posting anything in a few days. It's been a little busy this month, but things are back on track now. I even got some awesome art from Teyo for the OGN we're working on. I hope to post some previews soon. And Jamie and Rey are continuing to do some beautiful work on NEVERMINDS. I'll try to show more of that soon too. In the meanwhile, even though I haven't been posting my "sketch a day" pics everyday, I'm still drawing everyday. To make up for it all, I'm posting a couple pics today, starting with this one of Pixie. Pixie was a member of the New X-Men (an updated New Mutants) from a while back. She was really a secondary character that I admit I laughed at when she first appeared. Somehow though, the girl made it through the massacre of the students in New X-Men (yes, the killed a bunch of students again in that) and made it through the de-powering of Mutants via the Scarlet Witch and then they actually gave her stuff to do. Imagine that, lol. They made her into a kind of cool character and even connected her to Magik and gave her her own soul knife. I was actually starting to like her. She's in big leagues now as one of the X-Men and They've sexed her up and she doesn't look much like she used to. Still, I figured I'd draw her since she's a little different type of character. Had fun with the hair, lol.

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