Monday, August 10, 2009


This sketch of Harlette was done by the talented Greg Mayer. Greg is a fellow artist on Deviant Art and we've gotten the chance to hang out and talk shop a few times. He's a great guy who's got a ton of enthusiasm about comics and has a few different projects he's working on. His art is extremely detailed. I don't think I've seen an artist this detailed since Perez or Jiminez. Really, he goes into it that much. And Greg has recently decided to try his hand at doing a sketch a day like I have. Since he said I kind of inspired him to do it, lol, he choose Harlette as his first sketch. Pretty cool, huh? I think it's awesome! And his second sketch of Doctor Doom is really kickass. But don't take my word for it, check out more of Greg's work at .


Jamie said...

this is pretty cool. greg's a great artist and a really nice guy!! its nice to see him branch out and do some established characters.

i think he did a great job on harlette. he really got the "feel" of her.

greg, draw storm and take me to a gym and train me lol.

Rich B. said...

Yeah, Greg's art is awesome, Jamie. :)