Monday, August 17, 2009


Still doing some headshots and since I did a DC team last time, I figured I should do a Marvel one. I decided to try my hand at drawing the original New Mutants. I used to love that book back in the day and have a fondness for the team. Sunspot was way too easy to draw, lol, I almost feel guilty about that. But Warlock and Wolfsbane were a lot of fun to draw. Over all, I'm pretty happy with how these have been turning out. As I mentioned when I first started this "sketch a day" project, I'm planning on starting my own webcomic next year and I wanted to draw once a day as a sort of warm-up to doing the webcomic. It's been great practice and I think these headshots have started to serve their purpose. I've really been trying to draw different looking faces and have them be unique. Hope it looks that way at least, lol.


Philip Clark said...

Very nice, but no Doug Ramsey?

Rich B. said...

Yeah, I remembered him as I was doing these and thought of drawing him. But I figured he has no visual powers and it'd be kind of a boring drawing. Maybe I'll try to sneak him in later somewhere.