Thursday, August 20, 2009


Aquaman's wife is finally getting the spotlight again in DC's Blackest Night series. This character has been around for decades and even appeared in many cartoons along side Aquaman. It's about time she got her due. I always liked Mera and can remember her in the old Aquaman cartoon show that they used to repeat on TV when I was a kid. (Not that old to remember when it aired live, lol). At the time, I actually thought she was Aqualad's girlfriend though, lol, they made her look so young. Of course, nothing compares to Tusky in that cartoon. Maybe I'll have to sneak him into one of my sketch a day pics somehow, lol.


Philip Clark said...

Love this character and sketch. I never tire of the sketch-a-day, Rick!

Rich B. said...

Cool! Thanks, Philip.