Monday, August 3, 2009


This sketch is of Fire from DC's JLA. I think her original name was Green Flame, lol. Fire definitely fits her better. She was added to Justice League back when Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire were doing the book. They couldn't use any of the big names, except Batman, so they added some of the B characters from the DC universe (like Fire, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Ice) and really made the book their own. Using those characters gave them a lot more freedom and Fire was one of the characters that got some nice development. For this sketch, I tried to play around with the flames and focus on the lines of the body. It turned out okay. As I was drawing this it kept reminding me of Firebomb's look from SENTINELS Book 1: Footsteps, lol. I was even considering adding green to this sketch just to show that it was supposed to be Fire. Maybe later.


Jamie said...

i really like this one, rich. turned out great!

Rich B. said...