Sunday, January 20, 2008


Teyo is the artist for Templar's story in the SENTINELS Anthology. Teyo is the last of the Argentina based creators who worked on the Anthology, but certainly not the least.

As I mentioned in Templar's profile, finding an artist for Templar's story proved to be the hardest part of doing the book. I was lucky enough to find Teyo through Luciano Vecchio. He had known Teyo through an art group he attends and Teyo mentioned that he was eager to draw some sequential pages again. He didn't have as much time as everyone else to work on his pages, but Teyo was able to make the deadline and I think did an incredible job.

Teyo style is very original and I feel has almost a story book quality to it. His use of color and line really fit perfectly with the story Javier wrote.

It's in spanish, but you can check out more of Teyo work at .

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