Saturday, January 26, 2008


Plug time again! This time I'd like to recommend a book called QUANTUM: ROCK OF AGES by Philip Clark and James Rodriguez.

Of course, I've known Philip and James for a while now. I met both of them at the Big Apple Con some years ago. But even though I consider them friends, that's not the reason I want to help share QUANTUM with people. I really honestly like this book and think they're doing some awesome work.

QUANTUM: ROCK OF AGES is a twelve issue series that tells the story of Nick Vargas, East Village record store owner and would be musician, and how he becomes a Quantum bearer and gets pulled into a battle for control over parallel worlds. Guided by Stolz, a scientist from one of those parallel worlds, Nick quickly gathers allies on his journey. Each of whom are also embedded with a piece of the Quantum Sphere. The Quantum Sphere gives each of it's bearers different powers and is the only thing that can repair the space/time continuum. The group is pursued by the son of Hitler and the evil Frosch (also a Quantum bearer), who's gathered his own group of allies from other parallel worlds. Nick and company must discover the secrets of the Quantum and oppose Frosch and the Reich before it's too late.

So far, Dreamchilde Press has released six issues of QUANTUM and has also put out a trade of those six issues. Currently, issue seven is about to be released, hopefully in time for the NYC Comic Con in April 2008.

Whenever I discover or read a new comic, I can always tell how much time and energy the creators put into it. I really think you can tell when a book is a labor of love. And QUANTUM: ROCK OF AGES definitely is. Philip and James have put so much of themselves in this book that it's obvious right from the beginning that you're reading something special.

Philip's witty dialogue and fun characters (wait until you see Blu!) match perfectly with James's smooth and clean style. And watching James's art mature from issue to issue is really amazing. Each of the team gathered by Nick and Stolz is original and has a distinct voice and look.

I'm really look forward to seeing the second act/half of QUANTUM and I know that it'll be worth the wait. But don't just take my word for it, check out the website for QUANTUM at .

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