Friday, January 25, 2008


The SENTINELS appear in Philly! No, not the city, the awesome comic called PHILLY by Ryan McLelland and Jim Hanna. PHILLY was originally schedule to be published by Arcana. The first issue came out, but then for reasons I don't understand, they stopped printing it and were planning to go straight to trade with the four issue series. Again, I'm not positive what happened from there, but the trade didn't happen (I still hope it will!). But Ryan was determined to get this book out and, lucky for us, he started posting it on Drunk Duck.

What I love about PHILLY is Ryan's humor is all over it. The character are funny and have distinct personalities too. Ryan was kind enough to ask/offer two of the SENTINELS to appear in the final issue. I quickly said YES. Ryan decided to use Templar and Serpenta in his story and I think they fit really well with the vampire storyline he had going. Continuity-wise, this story would fit between SENTINELS Book 1 and 2.

The fourth issue of PHILLY has just started to get posted on Drunk Duck and you can see Luciano's awesome cover for the issue on there now (to be followed regularly by the inside pages). They accidently credited someone else with the coloring on Luciano's cover, but it's all by him.

Check out PHILLY at


Ryan Mclelland said...

All my fault...I corrected that so it reads correctly.

And the story started on Tuesday...I'm happy to see it up on Drunk Duck!

Rich B. said...

Cool. Thanks for correcting that, Ryan. Love seeing the story online! I want to see PHILLY collected as a trade!