Thursday, January 24, 2008


Now that the SENTINELS Anthology is complete and at the printers, I'm finally able to focus on NEVERMINDS. I'm excited to work on this project that has been in development for what seems like a long time. Why the delay? Many things, mainly life getting in the way on both my and artist Jamie Fay's part. We both had a lot of things going on and honestly didn't feel the book had that special something that would make it unique. I think that was something that was holding me back a bit with this project and I didn't want to put something out that I didn't feel was special.

Finally, I feel like we are there and things have really begun to click. I hope to post regularly about the progress on the book and look forward to seeing Jamie's art on it. We'll have lots of previews at conventions this year and hope to have the book finished for some of them.

I'm also working on another project that will be published by another company that I can't talk much about yet. But fans of SENTINELS will enjoy as it will have slight ties to the series. Very slight, but interesting. No superheroes though. That's all I can say for now.

How about that NEVERMINDS logo? Pretty cool, huh?


Hellstormer said...

Bout time, I've been waiting for Neverminds for what seems like forever! Is that other book Caspian Curses? Pitt Con's program has mentioned that in your bio for the past 3 years, maybe more.

Rich B. said...
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Rich B. said...

Yeah, sorry it's taken so long. Like I said, we both had lots of stuff come up. We're working hard on it now though. We'll have lots to show in Pitts.
As for Caspian Curses, it's still in the works.
I do have other things I'm working on though, so I will have some other projects started up soon.
2008 will be a good year! :)

Miguel Rodrigues said...

Logo looks cool buddy, we need an overload of Bernatovech material this year, get to work! :)

Rich B. said...

Lol, thank, Miguel. I'm working on it! I got lots of things going on and hope I can post info on them soon. Hopefully, 2008 will be a very productive year.