Monday, January 21, 2008


With the completion of the all the pages, I can finally reveal the cover of the SENTINELS Anthology! I'm really happy with this and think it's a great representation of all the artists involved in the book. Everyone gets a chance to shine a little. I'm curious to hear what people's thought are on the cover.

The Anthology is at the printers now and with a little luck, we'll have it in time for Megacon in Florida. It might cost me, but it'll be worth it so that we'll have the book there. Four of the creators from the Anthology will at Megacon; Jamie Fay, Todd Latoski, Andrew Charipar and myself.

I'm really happy to have this book finished as it will be the first published work for many of the creators involved. I know many of them will go on to bigger and better things and I'm proud to have their first printed work in the Anthology. Congratulations, everyone! We did it!

With the Anthology complete I'm finally focusing solely on NEVERMINDS. I'm really excited to get something out that isn't superheroes and doesn't focus on a team. Jamie's art has gotten really strong and I know everyone will be impressed by it. It's been a long road working on NEVERMINDS, but it'll be worth it once you see it!


jamie said...

hey rich!!! this is so cool. its almost here..... well hopefully lol. it was a pleasure to work on it and can't wait to see it in my hands.

Rich B. said...

Thanks, jamie. You really did a great job on your Firebomb story and should be proud of it.

Mengele Records said...

ea! rich, this looks amazing man
cant wait to see it printed
thanx for the oportunity man

PS. my english sucks


Rich B. said...

Hey Juan! Great to hear from you! I'm really glad you like the cover. I'm really proud of the entire book and everyone's work on it. You did an awesome job on the Harlette story and I loved Charles art for it. You guys made a terrific team.
PS. Your English is just fine! Better than most Americans I know, lol.
Thanks for checkingout the blog too.