Thursday, March 13, 2008


So, we've returned from Megacon! I had a great time there and got the chance to meet a ton of people. I want to thank Jamie, Todd, David and Andrew for all their help and support. It was also great meeting old and new readers (Charlie, thanks for the pics!).

Megacon was super big! I haven't seen this many people at a con outside of San Diego and NYC. I'm not sure when I can make it back, but I definitely will try soon.

The first day there was a little slow, but Saturday and Sunday the con rocked. Tons of people and lots of them in costumes. I've attached some pics in this post to see some of the great ones.

Overall the reaction to the SENTINELS Anthology was great. Readers seemed to be interested in the 3rd Gen and liked the idea of different writers and artists doing solo stories on the 2nd Gen.

A few of the highlights for me at the show were getting to meet Todd and Andrew, who both contributed to the Anthology. Getting the chance to chat with follow self-publishers Comfort and Adam (their book The Uniques is great and I'll spotlight it soon). Hanging with the Comic Geek Speak guys and chatting with Kristy Swanson (lol, if you call it chatting when someone is that drunk). Talking with Joseph Michael Linsner, the creator of DAWN, and him saying he was impressed with what I've done. He even gave me some free comics! And last, but not least I got an awesome sketch by Amanda Conner which I'll post soon.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped make this con a success!


Comfort Love and Adam Withers said...

In large part because of you and Jamie, we also had an awesome time at the con. We can't wait to see you at Pittsburg and are really digging Sentinels. So much so that we were thinking of doing a 'buy this book' on our blog sometime soon if that's okay with you.

-Comfort & Adam

Rich B. said...

Great to hear from you both. I had a great time hanging out and really enjoyed "The Uniques". I plan on spotlighting you guys on here too. Glad to hear you're liking Sentinels. It's fine by me to post whatever you want on your blog. I appreciate it. Looking forward to Pittsburgh!