Friday, March 21, 2008


I had the chance to read THE UNIQUES this month while at the Florida Megacon. Written and drawn by the married creative team of Comfort Love and Adam Withers, THE UNIQUES is a superhero book that plans to tell the story of different heroes over generations. Premiering their first issue at Megacon, Adam and Comfort both do the writing and art on the book and plan to trade off art chores as they go.

The first issue sets up the series as the world has just avoided the start of the Third World War in 1994 through the preventive actions of heroes Mentor, Kinetic and the League of Seven. But just as peace is being announced , an attack occurs and kills most of the heroes.

Flash forward two years and we see Mentor and Kinetic's daughter, Telepath, wake from a coma caused by the psychic backlash of the disaster. From there we get to see how the world THE UNIQUES live in has changed. We're introduced to different survivors and the new generation of heroes that have taken the fallen heroes place.

It's a great set-up and Adam and Comfort have the entire series mapped out and plan on doing 100 issues! Yes, 100 issues. They're crazy and committed like that and I for one really look forward to seeing this story unfold.

When it comes to independent comics and self-publishers, part of the reason I'm so attracted to certain books is that I can really feel the passion the creators put into their work. You just don't get that from most of the big name comics out there and that's why I find them boring. The creators are just going through the motions. But THE UNIQUES is totally full of heart and creativity that sets it up there with other self-published books being done right now like MR. SCOOTLES, QUANTUM and TALES FROM THE CORNERSTONE.

This is actually the first superhero self-published books other than SENTINELS that I've felt connected to and I encourage everyone to give it a try. You won't be disappointed and like me, after you've read the first issue, you'll be dying to see what happens next. THE UNIQUES is definitely...unique!

Check out the book at There are tons of fun stuff on the website and you can even download the first issue for only 99 cents. How cool is that?

Adam and Comfort will also be at the 2008 Pittsburgh Comic Con next month. Stop by their table and say hello.


jamie said...

this is a really good book, everyone!!!! go to the website and download it for 99 cents.

Content Digital said...

Loved issue one. Can't wait for two.

Rich B. said...

Same here!