Thursday, December 24, 2009


Today I got even more colored versions of some of my sketches! So cool!!! Dark Phoenix was another of the colored pics Jamie Fay had done for me, it's colored by Vest, who's work you can see at .The SENTINELS grouping was put together by Luciano Vecchio and colored by him too. And Jem was colored by Noel Short at .I lOVE them all and love seeing my work colored. Thank you so much, guys!


Philip Clark said...

Very impressive. Me likie!

Noel said...

It was my pleasure. I'm stunned adn flattered to be on the same post as such great artists.
and Merry Christmas

Rich B. said...

Glad you liked them, Philip! I loved seeing these.
And your way too hard on yourself, Noel. Yours turned out great!Thanks, again!