Sunday, December 20, 2009


I realized a while back that I hadn't done any Anime characters and wanted to try to include at least one. I wasn't sure how my style would work with it, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Naruto is one of the biggest characters in Anime and I admit that I like the series. It along with Death Note are my favorites. I was surprised by how this sketch turned out. I kind of like it, lol.


Hellstormer said...

Aww couldn't you have drawn someone cool like L or Ryuk (since you like Death Note). It's a great sketch....I just despise Naruto.

Rich B. said...

Someone cool? Lol, I understand what you mean, but hey, I do actually like Naruto. Sorry you don't. I plan to draw L and/or Ryuk soon. I'm just not sure if it will be as part of this "sketch a day" project.

Tim said...

Yay Naruto!! There should be something done with Guyux and Naruto. Maybe for Guyux birthday. *smirk*