Wednesday, December 30, 2009


One of my favorite comic characters is Roy Harper. I think he's one of the more interesting characters because he has such an diverse background and history. He's a single father, a former sidekick, former government agent, former drug addict and all around ladies man who was raised by an American Indian. There are a tons of story possibilities there. He's also had a few different costumes and names throughout the years, but my favorite, and the one I always thought was the most unique, was this look when he was Arsenal. Of course right now, Roy Harper is not in a good position. DC recently allowed his arm to be riped off in an issue of JLA: Cry for Justice. Totally done for shock value and I hate it. I'm sure they'll give him a mechanical arm or something, but still, why couldn't they just write interesting stories with all that history he has instead of maiming him? Rumor has it that he might become a villain due to all this. Ugh! I hope not. Anyway, lol, had fun drawing him and think he came out pretty good. Only one more sketch left now!!!


Philip Clark said...

Roy got a totally raw deal. This sketch rocks. Can't wait for #365!! You should be proud.

Rich B. said...

He totally got a raw deal. DC seems to hate the Titans. They've become the cannonfire for whatever crisis comes along each year. Shame. Glad ya like the sketch though! :)
Just posted sketch #365!!!! Done!!!!!!!