Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Harlette was another of my personal favorites from Sentinels. I never had any problems writing this character and knowing what she would say. It was way too easy and fun to deal with her. I also liked how she evolved with each trade and how her looks reflected that change.


Hellstormer said...

O no not ANOTHER Harlette sketch.

O well. This is definitely the best one of your Sentinels batch. I always thought her costume looked complex and hard to draw, but your sketch looks awesome.

Rich B. said...

Cut a guy some slack, Keefer, lol. How can I draw all the other Sentinels and not Harlette? If I had skipped her, you'd probably be saying "But where's Harlette?". And yeah, lol, this costume is a tough one to draw, but Sin's from Book 4 is totally harder. Ugh!