Monday, December 28, 2015


As I mentioned in the previous spotlight, the big story in the 2nd SENTINELS Anthology focuses on the 3rd gen team as adults. But within the story, we have every generation of the SENTINELS teams in there and since we wanted the stories for the 1st and 2nd generation to each look different and be separate from the main 3rd gen story, I did the finished art over Luciano Vecchios layouts. But what really helps make each teams story look so unique is the coloring on them. Dany Morales did the coloring for the 2nd generation SENTINELS and he knocked it out of the park! 
Ive been fortunate to work with Dany many times over the past years when he colored a lot of my earliest Panel Prints. I love Danys style and think it has a very classic feel to it. Readers of SENTINELS are mostly familiar with the second generation of the team because they were the focus of the epic saga. So, it was important to spotlight them in a new and fresh way. Since the series was originally printed in black and white, this is the first time weve seen the main team together in print and in color. Luckily, doing the digital colored versions gave us a lot of reference to work with. And an added bonus, in this part of the story, we get to see James (Switchfast) in his one and only superhero costume and reveal his other superhero name that was only used once. Danys coloring really makes the story shine and especially Jamess character. I dont wanted to spoil too much of the story, but theres something in this part that I think many fans wanting to learn since we first published SENTINELS.

Since working on this story, Dany has gone on to do a lot of amazing work with Zenescope Entertainment and Action Lab Entertainment coloring such titles and covers as Puppet Master, Vampblade and Zombie Tramp! Please check out more of Danys work at

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