Thursday, December 31, 2015


On this last day of 2015, after posting so many spotlights (which I’m sure some people might be sick of, lol), I post the final creator spotlight for the second SENTINELS Anthology! Last up, but never least, SENTINELS co-creator and always inspiring artist, Luciano Vecchio gets his due!
Anyone who has followed Drumfish Productions over the years or knows me, knows of my admiration for Luciano. Sometimes you meet people that you immediately click with and who will be important in your life. And for me, Luciano is one of those people. Without him, I honestly don’t know if there would have ever been a SENTINELS series. But even more than that, over the years we have become great friends and I consider myself lucky to know him.
Since completing SENTINELS, Luciano has gone on to do so many amazing things! He’s worked on projects all over the world and for companies big and small. He’s become a role model for others and inspired many artists with his work. Currently, he’s working on projects for both Marvel and DC Comics and continuing to write and draw his own webcomic, SERENO!
Ever since we finished SENTINELS and created the third generation of the team, we wanted to do something with them. We had many ideas and dreams about what would come next. But, with both of our busy schedules, we just couldn’t find the time to work on anything. 
Then we decided to work on a colorized version of SENTINELS. There was a demand for it and we both thought it was a good idea and easy to work on. It would give us both the opportunity to change or correct little things within the original series that we thought we could do better and it wouldn’t take much time away from our other projects. Or so we thought, lol. Because, Luciano, being the crazy man he is, brought up the third gen again and had a vision of them as adults. Those first sketches inspired us to change all of our ideas on the second SENTINELS Anthology and create a story that would satisfy us as well as fans of the series.
Without giving too much away, Luciano plotted out his idea for the third-generation SENTINELS and presented it to me. The story resolves one loose end to the original series that allowed us to tell a tale that encompasses every generation of SENTINELS teams!  I think it’s the perfect ending to everything we’ve done with the series and leaves the third-generation in a place where, if we ever wanted to, we could do something with them one day that would allow them to have their own stories not dependent on the previous generations.
Even with all the work he has on his plate, Luciano still found time to do all of the layouts for the third-generation story as well as the final art on four pages in the book. Two of those pages are a double-page spread with a bunch of surprise characters for fans of all of Drumfish’s titles! And I can’t forget that Luciano also wrote Clockstopper/SoulKnight’s story for the Anthology!  Whew! The man is a machine!
Working with Luciano one more time has been a great experience and I’m ever thankful to him for helping make this book a reality! I’m fortunate to work with so many talented artists and I can only hope and wish them all the same success that Luciano is seeing now. Bravo, Luciano!

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