Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Anyone who follows Drumfish Productions or sees us at conventions, knows Jamie Fay and his amazing work! Jamie is the artist and co-creator of NEVERMINDS, helps with all of Drumfish’s promo ads and art and is one of the few creators who contributed to both SENTINELS Anthologies. In fact, Jamie’s first printed sequential work was in the first SENTINELS Anthology where he did the art for Firebomb’s story.
As I mentioned in my last spotlight, the second SENTINELS Anthology wouldn’t exist without Jamie, Ihor Loboda and Luciano Vecchio. These guys really went above and beyond to complete the book. Jamie drew the main part of the big third-generation SENTINELS story and did an incredible job. It was important to have an artist who could work off of Luciano’s layouts as well as make the story their own. Jamie had a lot of input to the final designs of the third-gen team and created a hybrid look that showcase his work as well as stayed true to Luciano’s ideas. Jamie took each character and made their looks unique and exciting!
Jamie also makes his writing debut within the Anthology with his story for Gospel. Drawn by Stephane De Caneva and colored by NEVERMINDS colorist, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre. It’s a great story that fits perfectly between SENTINELS Book 1: Footsteps and Book 3: Echoes and reveals what happened to Gospel while she served as ruler of Hell. The story seemed to flow very naturally for Jamie and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day soon, he does more writing and perhaps even writes and draws his own story!
As if all of that wasn’t enough, Jamie also drew the front cover and designed the credit pages within the second SENTINELS Anthology. This created a consistent and professional look for the book that is striking and can’t be denied.  
By now, you all know what kept Jamie from working on NEVERMINDS for so long. But, he’s jumping back into the series soon and I’m looking forward to seeing him complete the first story arc! I’m also excited to see what new prints and art he creates. His recent Marvel pinups of Agents and Shield and Agent Carter have gotten him a lot of attention and even been shared and re-tweeted by some of the cast members. So, if you haven’t seen them and/or want to see more of Jamie’s art, check out his DeviantArt page at
I predicted long ago that SENTINELS artist, Luciano Vecchio would one day be working with one of the big comic companies and I’ve had the pleasure to see that vision come true. The same can be predicted about Jamie Fay. Mark my words, one day he will be working for the big guys and I would place money on him drawing one of the X-Men books (or maybe Captain Marvel!).

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