Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Patricio (Pato) Oliver is the artist on ClockStopper's story for the 2nd SENTINELS Anthology!
What can I say about Pato???
Let me rephrase that...What can I say about Pato publicly that won't get me in trouble or offend anyone reading this, lol.
I met Patricio when he came to visit NYC in 2014. Luciano Vecchio was attending NYCC with me and had asked if I had room to host his friend. Of course I said yes. Little did I know that I was letting the devil into my home. Honestly, Pato is an evil force of nature! He's wickedly talented, insanely funny and rotten to the core. Naturally, we hit it off immediately and became instant friends, lol.
I love Pato's artwork! His style is very energetic and graphic. His character designs are original and thought-provoking. And he uses color very boldly to express emotion in his work. This all made him the perfect choice to illustrate Luciano's story for Simon (Clockstopper). It's an important part of the Anthology and is the final time we see the 3rd generation SENTINELS as children. This story leads right into the longer story with them as adults and also serves to show some of the changes within Simon and reveal his new superhero name.
How then could I intrust such an important character to the Sith Lord known as Pato? That's easy, I became his apprentice and he forced me to. :P
Seriously though, I'm very proud to have had Patricio involved in the 2nd SENTINELS Anthology and I think everyone will agree once they see his work.

Please check out more of Patricio's artwork at www.patriciooliver.com.ar He has tons of all ages work there, art from his amazing story "The Book of Tenebrae" (of which figurine have been made of!!) and his Game of Thrones art is not to be missed!

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