Tuesday, December 29, 2015


The final three spotlights for the second SENTINELS Anthology are the three creators who contributed the most to the book and who I couldn't have finished the book without. First up is the amazing, Ihor Loboda!
When we decided to do a large story focusing on the third-generation SENTINELS and once we knew that Jamie Fay would do the art based on Luciano Vecchio’s layouts, we needed to have an amazing colorist on the story.  So, we launched a search! Jamie set up some excellent colorists to audition and we were immediately drawn to Ihor Loboda’s samples for this project.
Working with Ihor has been an incredible experience! I had no idea when we started what a huge role he would take with Drumfish Productions and how he would work on some many projects! But seeing his work, it should be no surprise. He’s a talented guy and it all started with him coloring the second SENTINELS Anthology!
Ihor and Jamie really clicked and truly make the third-generation SENTINELS come to life. They also made them their own characters. From Elena’s attitude to Simon’s determination to BoBo’s still innocent demeanor, they portray the team perfectly and own them all! I loved seeing each colored page as it was sent to us from Ihor. It was a great experience watching the pages become completed. They were full of extreme detail and rendering and are really works of art.
As delays prevented us from finishing the story and we didn’t have pages for Ihor to color, another opportunity came up. Ihor took over coloring the original SENTINELS series for our digital releases of the re-worked and colorized version! And things didn’t stop there, lol. Then we needed a artist for Boiler’s story for the Anthology. Once again, Ihor stepped up and did the art for that. And still later, Ihor jumped in to help us complete the remaining five pages of the main third-generation SENTINELS story and he did all of the art for those too! Whew! What I should say is basically; Ihor was working on everything SENTINELS for a while!
During all of this, I had the pleasure of seeing Ihor's style develop.  He also did a colored a number of my Panel Prints for me and agreed to be the colorist for my webcomic, KOWA. He’s one of the hardest workers I know in the indie comic scene and I know a lot of people! He brings an amazing amount of detail and energy to everything he does and he can immediately set the mood for every scene he colors perfectly.
I know it’s only a matter of time until Ihor is working for a big name company, becomes well known in the comic industry and is making tons of money! I’m very happy that he worked on this book with us and look forward to the next two projects that we’re working on together (more info on that soon!). Please check out more of Ihor’s work at www.igloinor.deviantart.com

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