Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Since we had such a great turnout and so fun with the first Drumfish Productions Art Contest that we had on DeviantArt, we decided it was time to do another. Go over to our Deviant page at and check out the info. You'll see the rules, prize info and deadline date. You do need to be a member on DeviantArt to enter, but it's a great site that I highly recommend any aspiring artist or creator to check out. We're doing this contest to coincide with the release of NEVERMINDS #2.

I also thought I should mention something that I posted earlier this year. There is a cool site called Patched Together that makes statues and toys. On there, Firebomb and Harlette from SENTINELS have been submitted for consideration to be made as statues. I spoke with them and they really like the designs, but because the costumes are so detailed, they need more interest. I know any fan of SENTINELS would love to have these, so, if that's the case, please head over to the site and voice to them that you support seeing these made! VOTE! Check it out at link and link.

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