Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This sketch of Electron was done by Andrew Harmon at the 2011 Wizard World Philly Con. I met Andrew a few years back in Florida at the 2009 Megacon and also knew him through Deviant Art. Andrew is primarily a colorist and does amazing work. His coloring style is unique in that he does it all in many different layers and uses different levels of flat color to achieve a very original look. In addition to coloring, Andrew also draws and was kind enough to do this sketch for me for free! I love all different types of styles, but lean a bit to the more animated stuff, so naturaly, I really like Andrew's work. Andrew also created a group called the Dynamic League, which helps children with Type 1 Diabetes. In order to help promote awareness and education about the disease, the Dynamic League gives children character sheets which allow them to create their own hero. Different artists then draw the hero and the character gets to join the League. I think it's a great and inspirational idea that I hope people look into it more at http://www.thedynamicleague.com/ . And please check out more of Andrew's work at http://www.charactersink.deviantart.com/ . I've also included an example of his awesome coloring that he did on linework done by artist, Jamie Fay.

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