Monday, July 18, 2011


Since I'm way behind in posting the sketches I've gotten, I'm putting a few up here that I got while at the 2011 Pittsburgh Comicon. The first is of the three ladies from NEVERMINDS drawn by the very funny, Phil Juliano. Phil always puts a fun twist on his sketches and I love his interpretation of them. His Samanya cracks me up. Phil's cartoon strip, "Best in Show", is awesome and is featured in many newspapers across the country. Check it out at .

This sketch of Heartache, from the 3rd Gen SENTINELS, was drawn by Phil's cartoon partner, Mike Cole. Mike is the creator of the cartoon strip, "Dragin", which is about a guy and a...dragon, lol. It has a lot of the same wit as Phil's 'toon and I liked Mike's cartoon style. Check out more of his work at .

Last, but not least, is this sketch of Crusher from SENTINELS was drawn by James Q. Nguyen. James was stuck way back in the second room at the Con, but I was still able to find him and get this energetic sketch. I really like James's sense of motion here and in all the sketches I saw him doing. He also works super fast! See more of James's work at .

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