Friday, July 29, 2011


Please take time to check out the following two kickstarter pages!

The first is Breakers by Noel Short and Andrew Reeves. Breakers is the story of an underwater world and it's inhabitants. The story focuses on the heroic, Gundred, as he struggles to discover the truth about his people's past and also change his life. The art for the story was first done by NEVERMINDS colorist, Rey Arzeno, and will now be drawn by Ashish Joshi. You can see all kinds of preview art and a cool video on their kickstarter page. They are offering some nice incentives for donating to their project. Check it out here!

The other project I wanted to mention is No Sweets For Santa by John Gramhan and Mark Mariano. This is a fun holiday themed book that promotes positive eating and still entertains kids! The art is very cute and, just like with Breakers, they are offering some nice incentive packages for donating to their project. Please check it out here!


Noel said...

Rich! thank you so much for the plug, it looks great, the Santa project looks like a lot of fun! Your awesome! Thanks

Rich B. said...

My pleasure, Noel! I look forward to seeing Breakers come to life soon! I hope you kick butt on the kickstarter campaign!