Monday, May 30, 2011


One of my favorite artists to get something from at conventions is Joe Pekar. Joe is a super nice guy and an amazingly talented artist. At this years Pittsburgh Comicon, I got not one, but two beautiful sketches by Joe and they turned out to be two of the best I got there. Joe's strong point is definitely women and I don't think he can draw an unattractive one even if he tried. I love his use of color and his marker technique makes it look like he painted them. If anyone ever has the chance to meet Joe and get a sketch from him, you have to! But don't take my word for it, just look at his rendition of Rapture from SENTINELS here with this post and look through his gallery at .

Friday, May 27, 2011


This sketch of Serpenta from SENTINELS was drawn by Chris Vance at the 2011 Pittsburgh Comicon. A friend recommended that I check out Chris work while at the Con and I'm really glad I did. Chris work really impressed me with the body language he puts into his figures. There a depth to his figures that not all artists achieve. I also love the way he applies color and loved his portrayal of Serpenta so much that I got another piece by him that I'll post later. On top of all that, Chris is a very nice guy who works very fast. I think he did this within a half hour. Check out more of Chris work at .

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I know that I haven't been posting on this blog as much as I used to, and I apologize for that. I didn't really even realize until I got a few emails asking why I wasn't posting. And to be honest, I have seen many comments on here for a while, so I wasn't even sure who was checking in or not. I've been extremely busy with work, projects and of course, the puppy, lol. But that's no real excuse to not post on here more. I will truly try to post more from now on.

Next month I'll be at the 2011 Wizard World Philly Con. We've always done very well there and I love going to this convention because it's where I'm from (even went to Temple's Art School-Tyler School of Art- in the city). So, for anyone planning to attend the Con, stop by and say hello. We hope to have our table number soon and will post it here asap.

And just because I haven't been posting much, I don't want anyone to think we're not working on stuff. I've done quite a few commission recently (thanks to all who commissioned me!!) and I'm still doing headshot sketches to sell at Cons whenever I get a chance.

We're working hard on issue #2 of NEVERMINDS and it's going to be a good one! Wait until you see the art! (Previews soon, I promise). I'm also hoping to have the long talked about BUGGED original graphic novel done soon (formerly titled Roach). Teyo, the artist on the book, hopes to be finished the art by the end of the summer. So, we might have it premiere at the 2011 NYC Comicon! It's really a different type of book from me, so I hope people will like it.

And lastly, I sold my first story to DC Comics a few months ago. It's just a short story, but still very cool and as soon as I can say something about it, i will. I think it's okay for me to say that it's for Cartoon Network and not the mainstream DC Universe. I just thought I'd clarify that for anyone wondering. :)

So, hang in there with us and post on here or our Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you all and know what you thought of the first issue of NEVERMINDS!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


One of my favorite artists to get a sketch from is David Quiles. David always knocks it out of the park with every sketch that he does, and his rendition of Samanya from NEVERMINDS is a homerun. David did this sketch at the 2011 Pittsburgh Comicon and it was one of my favorites from the convention. I love the way David builds upon his art but applying layers of paint and highlights. It can't really be seen in this scan, but there is some really nice texture to this piece. Usually he works strickly in black and white, but with this sketch, he added just a little bit of color to really make Samanya pop! I can't say enough about David's work and how nice a guy he is. If you ever have the opportunity to get something by him, do it! Please check out more of David's work at .

Monday, May 9, 2011


I only got three sketches at this years Mocca Con in NYC. It was an unusual convention for me as I ended up getting a lot of books and only a few sketches. The Con was MUCH better than it has been in the past. There was truly a lot of great work there. Among the highlights are the artists who did the following sketches, but also it was great to meet new and returning creators. One creator who's work I really enjoy and was happy to see was Charles Soule. I had met Charles a while ago at a convention and he showed me his comic "Strongman". We chatted for a while and I gave him some advice on publishing (not that I know tons, lol). Little did I realize that years later, Charles would be writing his own Image comic book! Charles is the creator and writer of 27 from Image Comics. It's a great story about a rockstar who tries to survive his talent and live to make it to his 28th birthday. Many famous rockstars (Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison) have all died at age 27, so it's a really great idea to use historical facts and tell an intriguing story. Congrats again to Charles! Follow Charles on twitter at!/charlessoule .

Another interesting creator I met was Justin Madson who writes and draws the webcomic "Breathers". Justin was at the convention selling the first printed collection of Breathers. I really loved this book and how different it is. Basically, the air outside is not safe to breathe. A virus has been unleashed and is deadly to humans. The story follows different characters within this world including one of which can breathe the air and not die. The comic is hosted online at Mtv Geek (and Justin was even interviewed by Mtv while I was there!). After I chatted with Justin for a while he even did a FREE sketch of Harlette from SENTINELS for me in my sketch book. Cool, huh? Check out Breathers at .
Another awesome creator I met was Agent Agnes. Agent has a really soft style that caught my eye and I got her book "Disconnect". It's really a wild read and is about a man who creates a robot that looks human. He slowly gets programming that allows it to began feeling emotion and making its own choices. I think in this day and age, it's an interesting idea and executed very well and realistically. I also asked Agent to draw something in my sketch book and let her pick who she wanted to draw. She choose Gospel in her look from SENTINELS Book 3: Echoes. Yes, that means there is a little nudity here. Please be of age to look at larger version. Check out more of Agent's work at .

Still another creator who's work I really liked at Mocca, was Annie Wu. Annie was working feverishly on a sketch and it was the way she was drawing that caught my eye. Upon looking at her work, I really loved her style. Especially the way she drew female characters and their eyes. Annie was kind enough to draw this sketch of Alanis Munroe from NEVERMINDS for me. Please check out Annie's work at .

Since most of my time was spent chatting with creators, these are the only sketches I got at the 2011 Mocca Con. In addition to these talented folks, I also got to meet a cool group of artists who put together a joint book called the Anthology Project. The book was beautifully printed and the stories were all great. So far, they've done two hardcover books and I eager await the next. Also, I got to meet Spike again. Spike writes and draws the hit webcomic, "Templar Arizona". She had the latest collection of Templar, Arizona there. I know I'm forgetting people, but since it's been a few months now since the Con and I am getting old, I can't recall everyones name. I appologize for that. The 2011 Mocca show really turned out to be a great show. I can't wait for next year and to meet even more new creators and see their work!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Here is the last (but definitely not the least!) of the sketches I got at the 2011 Megacon in Florida. This sketch of Electron from SENTINELS was drawn by the talented Jordana Bitner. Jordana was sitting at one of the tables near mine and it wasn't until the last day of the Con that I was able to get a good look at what she was doing. Jordana's art blew me away with the energy and detail she put into it and I really like her anime-ish style. I asked her to do a sketch of Electron for me and I knew she'd do a superb job. I love the slight amount of color she added to the sketch and think it really makes the figure pop. Please check out more of Jordana's work at .

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Here's another of the cool sketches I got at the 2011 Megacon in Florida. Eric Morin was an artist who's work immediately caught my eye because I thought it had a lot of energy and humor in it. I asked him to draw Heartache and Wickkid from the 3rd Gen SENTINELS. I love that he had her using her powers on him and changed him into a bird, lol. Very cute and funny. Check out more of Eric's work at

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This sketch of Alanis Munroe from NEVERMINDS was drawn by Celine Chapus at the 2011 Megacon in Florida. I really love Celine's soft line work. There's a real sensitivity in her art that gives it a unique look. On top of that, Celine is super nice and truly takes her time on each sketch she does. Check out more of Celine's work at .