Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Today we post our 52nd page from our webcomic, KOWA, marking one full year since we started! It seems like just yesterday we began our story and with the revelation at the end of this newest page, you can tell we have a lot more story to tell! See the full page at www.kowacomic.com. It's been a rewarding year and an amazing project to work on with one of the best collaborators I could ask for, Ihor Loboba. Ihor's colors bring so much of Kowa's world to life and I thank him for his support, talent and creativity. Take a bow, Ihor! 
Last year, we set a goal to post a page every Tuesday from KOWA and have it be something young readers could look forward to as well as adults. We never missed a Tuesday and we hope to continue with the same goals in 2018. But we are taking a short break. That's right, this last page from chapter 2 marks a hiatus until January2018. A re-charge is needed and chapter 3 is going to be intensive, so we want to spend extra time on it. Things are going to get crazy! Trust me, the wait will be worth it and will hopefully bring in new readers. We thank all of you who have been following us and taking the time to comment or like our work. We truly appreciate it! Look for more KOWA soon!

Kowa and all characters (c) Drumfish Productions

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


It's webcomic Tuesday for Drumfish Productions, so check out page 51 from our young-reader friendly series, KOWA! Written and drawn by me (Rich Bernatovech) and colored by mega-artist, Ihor Loboda, you can see the complete and lettered version of this page at www.kowacomic.com!

Kowa and all characters (c) Drumfish Productions

Friday, November 10, 2017


We're extremely proud to reveal the cover for the first issue of BLESSED SONS, the newest series from Drumfish Productions!
Created by me, Rich Bernatovech (writer) and Ihor Loboda (artist/colorist), BLESSED SONS centers on a group of students at an all-boys school in Europe. It's a mystery/suspense/horror themed title and to say more would take away from some of the surprises!
The first issue is complete and will be sent to the printer soon! We'll be posting some previews in the coming weeks and also have it on Comixology too!

Blessed Sons (c) Drumfish Productions

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Webcomic Tuesday for Drumfish Productions reaches 50! Today (actually yesterday, but I forgot to post on the blog here), we post our 50th page from our webcomic, KOWA, and we feel like we're just getting the story started! Here's a preview image from the new page. Written and drawn by me, Rich Bernatovech, and colored with vibrancy by the Ukranian artistry of Ihor Loboda, you can see the complete and lettered version of the page at www.kowacomic.com 

Kowa and all characters (c) Drumfish Productions