Thursday, May 31, 2012


Here is the colored version of my "Super Best Friends" pic. I was inspired to do this after seeing the DC Nation cartoon staring Batgirl, Supergirl and Wondergirl. The AMAZING colors were done by Danielle Alexis St. Pierre and I can't believe how amazing she made this look.

Batgirl, Supergirl and Wondergirl (c) DC Comics

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June 1, 2 and 3), I'll be at the Wizard World Philly Comicon along with Neverminds artist, Jamie Fay . We've been to this show a few times now and Philadelphia is also my home town, so we really enjoy it there. Philly is home to some of the nicest comic fans around! So, if you're in the area and at the show, please stop by and say hello. We'll be in Artist Alley at table 2009.
We'll be selling all 5 Sentinel trades, issues #1 and 2 of NeverMinds and I'll also have my "Sketch A Day" Sketchbook and our collab book with Luchador Enterprises, Comicon On Monster Island!
We will also be displaying the first two Drumfish Production figurines! The figurines are finally being shipped to us this week and are expected to be ready to send out orders mid-June! We'll be taking pre-orders at the convention and online here. Place your order fast as we are limiting how many we make and we're already over halfway sold out!
Jamie and I will also both be selling prints at the show and doing commissions!
Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Here's my entry for this week's theme of Thundercats on Illustrious Bits. I picked this week's theme in hope to do a cool Thundercats print. Unfortunately, we have the Wizard World Philly Comicon this coming weekend and I have a ton of stuff to do before the show. So, I decided for now, I was just going to do a sketch of Cheetara. I liked drawing her and had fun with the colors. Later this year I'll try to do that print for the Thundercats. 

Thundercats and Cheetara (c) Warner Bros.

Friday, May 25, 2012


This super cool pic of Alanis Munroe from NEVERMINDS was drawn by Ivan Camelo. This is part of (NEVERMINDS artist) Jamie Fay's collection and I think it's awesome! Ivan has developed a very cute and interesting style. Check out his art here and you'll find you end up spending a lot of time there looking through his gallery!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


This week's character for Illustrious Bits is the X-Men's time-traveling alternative future daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey, Rachel Summers Grey. I always found this character very interesting. She was one of the best written character in the hands of Chris Claremont and even took over the mantle of Phoenix for a time. But after Claremont left, it seemed like many writers didn't know what to do with her. So, lol, of course they added to her time-traveling confusion and made her go into the way future and be a protector of her sort-of-brother, Cable. I'm not even going to try to explain it. But it's total comic book soap opera wackiness at it's best. She's been back in the present for a while now and I haven't followed her story too much, but I hear that their isn't much of a story for her at the moment. I decided to do this quick sketch of her in one of my favorite looks that she had. Lol, even though she had a semi-mullet! Gotta love the spiked costume!

Rachel Grey (c) Marvel Comics

Monday, May 21, 2012


I was originally planning on just drawing Supergirl and Batgirl and making a print of them. But then, DC Nation did the "Super Best Friends" short cartoons, and I had to add Wondergirl into the mix. I'm hoping to get this colored soon!

Batgirl, Supergirl and Wondergirl © DC Comics

Friday, May 18, 2012


Jamie Fay and Danielle Alexis St. Pierre (the amazing art team on Drumfish Productions' NEVERMINDS) were asked to contribute to the New York Times GLBT & Aliies Network's Gay Pride Celebration.
There will be 10 posters on display for the month of June in the buildings cafeteria. Each poster will show a variety of categories like Entertainers, Trendsetters, Politicians, and Power Duos to name a few. For the first time, Comicbook Characters will be added to the mix. Jamie and Danielle said that they were honored to have been asked to participate and provide their art.
Each poster will have a list of at least 5 people in each category who has made an impact on the GLBT community. The comic board ranges from mainstream to indie comics, a range of the community and all honored for their achievements:
Karma - One of the first openly Lesbian mainstream comicbook characters and for being a mentor/teacher to a new generation.
Phazer - Critically acclaimed Gay indie character praised on how well the character was written and for being an adoptive father/mentor for a group of kids who lost their parents.
Mystique - Iconic Bisexual character in mainstream comics. She is known by many, including people who don't read comics.
Northstar - First openly Gay superhero in mainstream comics.
Batwoman - First openly Lesbian character to have a critically acclaimed on-going series and the first GLBT character to wear an iconic mantle.
These characters were chosen and Jamie and Danielle were happy to draw/color them. They were already asked if we would like to participate next year and after seeing the first few of these, they were asked to contribute to 2 other boards this year. Still to come, they are drawing Shatterstar and Rictor for the Power Duo board (both bisexual men in a gay relationship) and Solstice from Teen Titans for the board focusing on Allies to the GLBT community.
Jamie and Danielle also wanted to make these characters combine by using the background.
I'm honored that Jamie and Danielle summitted Phazer into the mix and that the GLBT at the NY Times decided to pick him to showcase positive role models within the GLBT community. Of all the characters in SENTINELS, Phazer was always the voice of reason and the most grounded of the team. His being gay was treated just as a matter of fact. One of the important things for me about SENTINELS was that we had a VERY diverse team and each were treated equally. We (Luciano and I) wanted our book to represent the readers that we saw out there, whatever their sex, race, sexuality, age or anything was. It's nice to know it was noticed.  :)

Karma, Mystique and Northstar (c) Marvel Comics
Phazer (c) Drumfish Productions
Batwoman (c) DC Comics

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The ever reliable, Chris Moreno, drew this sketch of Samanya from NEVERMINDS. Chris never disappoints with his sketches and this pic totally shows why. Chris also has a new kickass book out called Zombie Di@kheads. If you want to read something new and fun being done with Zombies, check it out here.


I couldn't believe that I had never gotten a sketch from Josh C. Lyman before this years Pittsburgh Comicon. I don't know why that never happened, since I always liked him and his work. This year, I made sure to seek Josh out and get him do draw this AMAZING sketch of Viperella from the 3rd Gen SENTINELS. Check out all the detail he put into ths! Please take a closer look at Josh's work here.


Drew Moss did this amazing sketch of Firebomb in her look from SENTINELS Book 3. I love his ink work and style. His work really impressed me! He is a very talented artist!! See more of his work here!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This sketch of Electron from SENTINELS was drawn by Stephen Wittaak at the 2011 Pittsburgh Comicon. Stephen is a super cool guy, very talented and soon to be a new papa! Wishing him and the lovely, Stefanie, a very happy and healthy addition to the family! Please check out more of Stephen's work at

Monday, May 14, 2012


This week's theme on Illustrious Bits is Movie Monsters and I decided to draw Marge Simpson, I mean, the Bride of Frankenstein, lol. Not much else to say about it.  :)

Friday, May 11, 2012


This sketch of Splash from SENTINELS was drawn by NEVERMINDS colorist, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre at the 2012 Pittsburgh Comicon. This was Danielle's first time at the Pittsburgh Comicon and her first time ever behind the table at a convention! You wouldn't have known it though because Danielle handled herself like a pro! By the end of the first day she had a list of commissions and didn't stop until she had to leave on Sunday. She even took a few home to do. Luckily for me though, I got Danielle's first convention sketch ever! We had made a deal and did a sketch trade. I traded her a sketch of Death (from the Endless) in return for the sketch with this post. I totally got the better end of the deal here, lol. Thanks so much Danielle! I'm happy to have you among the many talented artists in my sketchbook! Please check out more of Danielle's work at

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've been meaning to post these amazing portraits of some of the NEVERMINDS villains done by Nick Robles for a while now. These were all commissioned by Jamie Fay and I think they are incredible! Nick had drawn one of our characters before for the first Drumfish Productions Art Contest we had on Deviant Art last year (he drew Kana Loa from NEVERMINDS #1) and Jamie was so impressed with his work that he really wanted to see Nick draw the other villains. Shown here are Ben Munroe, Milla Ropata and Lionel Mathers. Please check out more of Nick's work at .


I'm still trucking along with my sketches for Illustrious Bits. This week's subject was Lady Deathstrike. I did this sketch pretty quick and I'm going to try to make it a goal to add a little more perspective into my drawings. This one was kind of fun (and fast!).

Lady Deathstrike (c) Marvel Comics

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I had a very good time at the WildPig Comicon this weekend. It was a small show (Sat/Sun only) and Sunday was VERY slow, but hanging with good people and friends made it great! I especially want to thank Dan Nguyen for helping Jamie Fay and I out majorly by providing auto-transportation for myself and Jamie. Thanks again, Dan!! We owe you! I also want to thank Michelle Sciuto for an awesome art tr...ade, Ayla and Andrew Charipar for just being them (and for the beautiful sketch by Ayla!) and Adam Murdough for chatting with us for so long.

This Con was also great because my cousin, Drew Sine, his wife- Alaine Sine and their kids (Alex and Gordon) stopped by. It was great to see them at the convention and I hope they had fun. Both Alex and Gordon gave me a gift. Gordon gave me a very cool picture of his the 3rd Gen Sentinels as dogs and Alex turned me into a superhero (named Sketch) and her as my sidekick (Doodle!). I really loved both gifts and thanked Alex especially since she drew me much younger looking, thinner and with nice dark hair (without hair loss and graying, lol).

Both Jamie Fay and I sold a bunch of prints and comics at the show (mostly Saturday though) and I did one commssion. I was also able to support a few artists and get some art and/or comics from them.

I also wanted to give a shout to Dan Sehn, Erica Hesse, Bill Ellis, Amy E. Chace, Simon Huynh, Moninder Kahai, Paul Benincasa and everyone else we had the chance to interact with. It was good seeing you all.

Friday, May 4, 2012


This Saturday and Sunday (May 5th and 6th), I'll be at the WildPig Show in New Jersey along with Neverminds artist, Jamie Fay. This is a new show for us and is also host by the guys at Comic Geek Speak! If you're in the area, stop by and say hello! We'll have copies of Sentinels and Neverminds to sell, plenty of prints, original art and the prototypes of the first two Drumfish Production figurines! We'll also be doing commissions at the show! Check out the detials at


Here's a few sketches I did recently that I forgot to post on here. A nice little mix of characters.  :P

Thursday, May 3, 2012


This week's challenge on Illustrious Bits is any character from Transformers. Since I'm not a huge Transformers fan, I found this challenge a little difficult. I wanted to back away from it, but I couldn't stop myself and didn't want to miss a week of Illustrious bits, lol. I picked the Autobots leader, Optimus Prime in his cartoon look to draw.

Transformers (c) Hasbro