Thursday, September 13, 2012


Here are the final versions of the second set of figurines from Drumfish Productions! Samanya from NEVERMINDS was designed by Jamie Fay and Templar from SENTINELS was designed by Luciano Vecchio! WE're extremely proud of both figurines and expect to have them in time for the 2012 NYC Comicon. WE hope everyone will enjoy them as much as they did the first series (Alanis from NEVERMINDS and Firebomb from SENTINELS). All four figurines are available for order by contact us on our Facebook page, here, or by email at .

The figure stands 6" high and is hand painted. It comes with a stand, which has the company logo and character name on the bottom of the stand. This is a very limited edition figurine and anyone interested in buying Samanya (or any of our other figurines, Alanis Munroe, Firebomb and Templar) please contact asap.

The price of each is $40.

Alanis Munroe, Firebomb, Samanya, Templar, Neverminds and Sentinels © Drumfish Productions

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The pick for this round on Illustrious Bits is Pixie from the X-Men. Not really my fav of characters, but I still like the way this one turned out. I used to like Pixie when she first appeared in New X-Men, but then they had her join the main X-Men team and they sexed her up. Seriously, she went from like a teen to a full grown woman in one issue. It was really bad. I decided to draw her in her original look because it was more unique and she didn't look like every other female out there. :)

Pixie (c) Marvel Comics

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Here is the amazing cover for NEVERMINDS #3 drawn by Jamie Fay and colored by Danielle Alexis St. Pierre! I honestly can't wait to get this issue out because Jamie and Danielle are really doing the most beautiful art I've ever seen from them. And this issue is FULL of surprises, seriously, things really heat up on the story and a lot is revealed. 

Written by Rich Bernatovch
Art by Jamie Fay
Colors by Danielle Alexis St. Pierre
Back Cover by Nei Ruffino 
NEVERMINDS © Drumfish Productions