Monday, December 27, 2010


How cute is this picture of Splash and BoBo from SENTINELS by Camilla d'Errico? I got this sketch from Camilla at the 2010 NYC Comicon. Camilla's artwork definitely caught my eye as I walked around the convention, but it was Camilla's personality and excitement that got me to truly get a sketch from her. She's a very nice and energetic person. I find it interesting how artists work often look like them. I don't necessarily mean the style, I mean more the energy and feel (if that makes sense, lol). I love Camilla's line work and soft style. It fits these characters perfectly! Please check out more of Camilla's work at .

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I didn't get done as many as I wanted, but here are a few Indie character headshots I did for friends for Christmas gifts. I haven't finished all the ones I planned, but I'll get to them this week I hope. They might be sent a little late to people, but the holidays rushed in on me this year! The characters below are: Indigo from Spandex by Martin Eden, Ricky 17 from Tales from the Cornerstone by Andrew Charipar, Nashya from Breakers by Noel Short and Andrew Reaves and finally, two of the main characters from Cruel Thing by Luciano Vecchio and Lean. I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This sketch of Harlette, in her look from SENTINELS Book 4: Echoes, was drawn by Steve Walker at the 2010 NYC Comicon. Steve was sitting across from me at the convention and was intrigued by SENTINELS. He stopped over to say hi and I took one look at his art and had to hit him up for a sketch. I really love Steve's clean lines and style. His work reminds me of Darwyn Cooke's art a little. I wish I could find Steve's website to post a link along with this drawing, but I can't seem to find it. If anyone knows it, please let me know and I'd add it on here. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


The holidays are making life busy here, but I thought I'd post two new sketches I did recently. I'm trying to draw more and I hope to announce info on ordering NEVERMINDS #1 soon.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The very talented Del Borovic drew this sketch of Electron from SENTINELS Book 3: Echoes at the 2010 NYC Comicon. I was told to check out Del's art by Rey Arezno and I'm really glad he pointed me towards her. As soon as I saw her art, I thought it was amazing. To me, Del's style is a mixture of Anime and Western comics. She has a fun and exciting energy to her panel art, that you can see by checking out her cool webcomic, Delve Into Fantasy, at . On top of all that, Del is super nice and was very fast doing this sketch. Please take some time to check out Del's webcomic or see more of her art at .

Thursday, December 9, 2010


This sketch of Rapture was done at the NYC Comicon by Antonio Bifulco. Antonio was sitting one table down from me at the convention and I really liked how detailed his art was. He has a nice realistic style and toning to his figures. I didn't see Antonio doing many sketches at the Con, which was really odd considering that his prices were very reasonable and his work was so good. But, you never know how you'll do at conventions, you might be crazy busy at one and totally dead at another. Antonio had travelled all the way from Italy to attend the NYC Comicon and then went on to the New England Wizard Con. I hope the Wizard Con went well for him because he's a super nice guy and really puts a lot of work into his commissions. Please check out more of Antonio's work at .

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I meant to post these sketches a while ago, but completely forgot to. At the NYC Comicon in October, I actually got commissioned a bit and here are two of the ones I did. I think they turned out pretty nice. The Dr. Strange one was difficult because the person wanted me to draw him as the character. I'm not really good on portraits, but I tried my best. The Storm one was a fav that I did. Also, below them are two newer headshots I've done.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Here's another of the sketches I got at NYC Comicon. I was actually kind of disappointed in this one and meeting the artist. I've always been a big fan of this artist and when I meet them, they were very cold. I think at one point they even made a face when I said hello. Very odd. Now I know everyone has a bad day and can have things going on, but at a convention, I think it's best to stay positive and be friendly with people. Especially people who might be your fans. Anyway, it's not often I spend extra money on a sketch, most are free, trades or cheaper than the big names, but with this artist, I really wanted to get something from them, so I decided to spend the extra cash. If you've seen this artist's portraits, you might know how beautiful their work is, so I gave them the choice of drawing any of the SENTINELS characters and felt a little riped off that they drew the one with a full face mask. I guess it was my fault for not being specific, but I did tell them I loved her portraits and thought they drew beautifully realistic faces and had always wanted a sketch from them. I figured that made it clear I wanted them to do a portrait. But, it really was my fault for not just saying "draw character X". But I think what made me feel so negative about this all was the artist's attitude. I hate that they made me feel like I was bothering them when I first asked for a sketch and I hate even more that I feel they took the shortcut and did a sketch that was not up to their normal standards. Out of fairness, lol, I'm not naming this artist. It's still not a bad sketch, but totally not worth the high price I paid for it and the negative attitude I got.

Monday, November 29, 2010


I met Ben Bishop a few years ago at the NYC Comicon and he did a kickass sketch for me back then. This year at NYCC, Ben was seated right next to me, so of course, I hit him up for another sketch. Ben's style and pencils have matured a lot and I love his rendition of Splash from SENTINELS Book 4: Hope. His work seems to have gotten much more detailed too. So, it's no surprise that at this year's NYCC, it was announced that Ben is working along with Jim Krueger (of Earth X and Justice fame) on a new series called "The Stand In". It looks like it's going to be really great and I'm truly happy that Ben is getting noticed. He deserves the recognition! Check out more of Ben's work at .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Life got pretty busy recently, so I'm wayyyy behind in posting on the blog here. Sorry about that, but things seem to be in better control now and I hope to post more often again. The new puppy has been a lot of work, so I'm still trying to balance taking care of her, work and all my comic projects. Or maybe I'm just getting old is all, lol.
Anyway, there are so interesting new things in the works. I can't say much just yet, but soon, I promise!
We plan to have NEVERMINDS ready for sale by December so that it can get out to people by the holidays. It's looking great, Jamie and Rey just need to finish up a few things.
And on my last post (see below) I mentioned the possibility of seeing some SENTINEL statues made, it's still not definite by any means, but that's just because we need more of you to vote! It seems to be a little competitive getting these made and we've even had some people give us low scores just to keep us down. So, go over there are vote if you're interested. Details are in the post below this one.
I hope everyone has a great holiday week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm really excited to show the designs for the first two SENTINELS statues we've submitted to PatchTogether. PatchTogether is a toy company who gears toward original and new designs. They haven't done a ton of work yet, but from what I have seen made, their work is very, very nice! They picked up to submit our designs and based on fan reaction, they will decide if they will make them or not. We'd love to see that happen. So, anyone who agrees and would like to see these statues become a reality, go to the website linked below, register and vote for Firebomb and Harlette to be manufactured as awesome statues designed by Luciano Vecchio! It only take a few minutes.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Here is the last of the sketches I got at the 2010 Baltimore Comicon. John Watkins-Chow did this awesome rendition of one of our main characters from NEVERMINDS, Alanis Munroe. I really love the energy John puts into all the characters he draws. They have a lot of life to them. The coloring only helps to enhance that. And, of course, he draws very good looking ladies! On top of all that John is super nice and fast with his sketching. I think he did this within an hour. Check out more of John's work at .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I promise not be one of those people who constantly posts pictures of their puppies, but I had to share photos of my new pup. She's kinda Drumfish's mascot, lol, so it fits to post her here. Here's Harlee, newly arrived and 8 weeks old. She's a miniature Golden Retriever. Adorable, huh? :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


I've been catching up on work and projects, so I haven't been posting so much. But I will soon! Meanwhile, here's a few new sketches I did. I'm trying to do characters that people like and bought at previous Cons.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Here's a another of the awesome sketches I got at the 2010 Baltimore Comicon. Alanis from our new series, NEVERMINDS, was drawn by Jackie Santiago. I really love Jackie's soft style and portrayal of female characters, so it was a no-brainer to have her draw one of the leads from NEVERMINDS. I think she did an incredible job and I love her clean line work too! Check out more of Jackie's work at .

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Wow! What a week. I still haven't caught up on my sleep from last week's NYCC. To say it was busy would be an understatement. I actually think it was one of the busiest conventions I've ever been to, outside of the time I went to San Diego and had a table there with Luciano Vecchio. After the convention, I had to go straight back to work, so my sleep was really all over the place. That's why I haven't written on the blog all week. But now, things are getting back to normal, so I will be posting more soon. We really had a great time at the NYCC, there were so many people there I know there's no way to mention all the great folks we met and talked to. But I want to thank them all for stopping by. We truly appreciate the support!
Of course, there was one slight disappointment in that we were not able to get the first issue of NEVERMINDS back from the printer in time for the show. It sucked, but we did have all the pages there for people to see and got some orders. We'll be posting news soon on how to order the first issue or download it.
I also sold a lot of SENTINELS books at the Con and even had to go back to get more on Saturday. It was great! Jamie Fay was doing his usually commissions and busy, busy, busy, but the big surprise was that I got commissioned to do two sketches. Lol, what were they thinking? Seriously though, it was really great to do them and I had a blast. I also sold more of my art then ever before.
We also made some great contacts at the show and I can't wait until things get moving on the projects and I can share some of the stuff we have planned. For now, I have to stay mum on everything though.
Usually, I get a bunch of sketches of different SENTINELS or NEVERMINDS characters at conventions, but it was so busy, that I barely got any this time. I will post the few I got on the blog soon. But if you want to see them early, go to our the Drumfish Productions Fan Page on Facebook and hit the like button. We often post things there first, so become a fan and get to see stuff earlier. :)
I want to thank all the great people we met at the Con again and say hi to all our old friends who stopped by and chatted. You guys are the best!

Friday, October 15, 2010


It's been a busy, busy week! I'm still recovering from NYCC and going right back into work, but I hope to post a convention report tomorrow. For those who didn't see this page on the interview we had on Comic Related or on our Drumfish Fan Page on Facebook, here's another preview page from NEVERMINDS!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm proud to announce that Jamie Fay and I were interviewed by COMIC RELATED about Neverminds. I know we've kept everyone in the dark about the series, but its all out there now for you to read. We even have some pages and promo art on there as well. Take a look:

We talk how we met, how the idea of N about everminds came about, character creation, and more importantly, the ways you can get it into your hands. We'll be selling it as single issues and pdfs. After each arc, we'll also be collecting them as trades, which SENTINELS' was one of the pioneers for Indie books.

So read it. Let us know what you think and definitely leave a message over on COMIC RELATED as well.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This weekend I'll be at the New York Comic Con along with Jamie and Rey. We'll be showing off our upcoming book, NEVERMINDS!! Jamie and I will be in Artist Alley at table E-12 and Rey will be at C-16.I'll also have all 5 of the critically acclaimed SENTINELS graphic novels there and we're doing a deal if you buy all 5. I recommend getting them soon though, as our stock is starting to disappear.
Along with the SENTINELS books, I’ll also have copies of my sketchbook and our collab comic COMICON ON MONSTER ISLAND.And lastly, lol, I’ll be selling colored sketches (like the ones you see in my gallery and some examples below here) for $10 each (what a deal, huh?) and doing limited commissions. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again. This is our home town and one of our favorite conventions of the year. It's going to be insanely busy!!!!And, since we promised more previews of NEVERMINDS.....

Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's been a while since I posted any new art that I've done. We've been super busy trying to get NEVERMINDS finished and though I don't like to talk too much about my personal life on here, I got a MAJOR promotion at work. Needless to say, my time has been extremely limited and I appologize that I'm not posting more regularly. I hope to get back into the groove soon. I think once the NYC Comicon is over, things will get back to normal. Lol, I hope. Anyway, even though my art doesn't compare to the AMAZING work Jamie and Rey are doing on our NEVERMINDS book, I wanted to try my hand at the three main characters. Here are Samanya, Alanis and Nina. I gotta work a little on my Nina (the brunette), she doesn't feel just right to me. Totally fun to draw these characters for the first time!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We're proud to reveal the cover for the first issue of NEVERMINDS drawn by Jamie Fay and colored by Rey Arzeno. I'm curious what people think. I really love it. Shown here are our three main characters. The blond should be recognizable, from the previous version of NEVERMINDS, and her name is Alanis. The brunette in the back is Nina. And the fire-head is Samanya. That's all I'm saying for now. Stay tuned for more info and previews soon!


Here is the last of the sketches I got from the talented art team of Joe Haley and T.J. Dort. As I've said a bunch of times on here, Joe and T.J. are great guys and I love their book, the Underburbs. I can't recommend it enough as a great all ages comic. It's truly a fun book. This sketch they did of Heartache and Wicckid from the 3rd Gen SENTINELS is my favorite of all the sketches I've gotten from them. I think they got their personalities down perfectly! Check out Joe and T.J.'s work at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here’s the fourth promo image for the upcoming NEVERMINDS series! We're close to having the book finished and are really excited to get it out there. Like I said before, we've been working on this series for a looooooong time and completely reworked everything. Everything! And even though it was hard to do that, I know it was for the best and the results are amazing. Seriously, I think people are going to love what Jamie and Rey have done. For now, this is the last promo image, next we'll be posting some preview panels and pages!
Everything changes!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here's another of the sketches I got by the talented art team of Joe Haley and T.J. Dort. These guys write and draw the awesome Underburbs book I've mentioned a few times. I love the energy coming from Electro-Cute and Psyched here. There's a story in this pic! lol. I still have one more sketch these guys did for me to post and it's my fav. I'll post it soon. Check out more of their work at .

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Since I just wrote a little something about her awesome book (Hybrid Bastards) on here, I figured it was a good time to show the sketch i got from artist, Kate Glasheen. Kate was super nice and fun to talk to at the 2010 Baltimore Comicon and I feel like to have gotten such an energetic, detailed and fun sketch from her. Kate decided to draw Firebomb from her look in SENTINELS Book 3: Echoes. I love the lines that Kate creates and the quality of her inks. The thin and thick contrast in her lines creates a unique visual and the added details really enhance the overall image. I also like the angular shape of her faces. I'm really glad she was able to draw something for my sketchbook. Please check out more of Kate's work at .

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's been a long time since I read something that was new and exciting and that I was really wowed by, but Hybrid Bastards (written by Tom Pinchuk and drawn by Kate Glasheen) totally filled that void. I heard about Hybrid Bastards a long time ago from Miguel Rodrigues (who I haven't seen or heard from in forever and hope is well!) and I really wanted to pick up the book. But just as the trade for the series was solicited, Archaia had some problems and cancelled all their solicitations and postponed the trade's release. Flash-forward a year or so, and to my surprise, sitting at the table across from me at the 2010 Baltimore Comicon, was the artist of Hybrid Bastards, Kate Glasheen! As soon as I saw that she had copies of Hybird Bastards there, I made sure to get a copy. They were only $20 for a hardcover collection! Kate's art alone on the book is enough to sell me, but the story of Hybrid Bastards is just as awesome. Basically (and not to spoil too much) the premise of the book is about the Greek Gods, specifically Zeus and how one night Hera put a spell on him that made him not be attracted to pretty women, but anything else instead, lol. This results in a bunch of hybrid bastard creatures being born (ex. half god/half car, half god/half brick wall). The characters in Hybrid Bastards are very unique and funny. I loved all of them and truly hope there is a sequel planned for them. I highly recommend checking this book out to anyone who is looking for something fresh! Learn more about Hybrid Bastards at .

Monday, September 6, 2010


I've been a big fan of the ID Comics crew for a while now, so when I saw them at the 2010 Baltimore Comicon, I was happy to see the new member of their crew. Dominike Stanton joined the group recently and already he's headed for big things! In November, Dominike's first major work will be published as he illustrates Marvel's Deadpool. I don't think they could have found a more perfect fitting artist. Dominike's style is animated and full of energy. I was lucky enough to get this sketch of Bolt from the 1st Gen SENTINELS and I think it's awesome. Check out more of Dominike's art at

Friday, September 3, 2010


Ryan Ottley is the artist on the hit Image comic, Invincible. Ryan has been drawing Invincible for a few years now and I've been a fan of his work ever since he started. I was lucky to have seen Ryan was a few tables down from me at the Baltimore Comicon last weekend, so, of course I hit him up for a sketch. I gave Ryan the choice of picking whoever he wanted to draw from SENTINELS and he didn't disappoint. I love his rendition of Templar. He even has those classic Ottley teeth, lol. Gotta love it. See more of Ryan work on his Deviant art page at .
And if you're not following Drumfish Productions on Facebook yet, go over to the Fan Page and click the "LIKE" button: .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


One of my favorite parts about going to conventions is meeting new creators and seeing their work. I meet Joe Haley and T.J. Dort last year at the Wizard Big Apple Con and I immediately loved their art and comic, the Underburbs. So, when I saw that Joe and T.J. were going to be at the Baltimore Comicon, I knew I was hitting them up for some sketches, lol. I got a few from them and all are equally great. This first one is another funny sketch (like Ziggy's that I posted yesterday). I like that people have been putting some humor into their sketches they've done for me lately. Check out Joe and T.J.'s comic at . I'll be posting the other sketches they did for me soon!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm back from the Baltimore Comicon and I had a GREAT time there. It was a short convention though and I really wish it was longer. I got to see and hang with a lot of people I haven't seen in a while and the crowd was super friendly and nice. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and purchased SENTINELS and checked out the NEVERMINDS previews. It was a blast seeing everyone. I didn't get a lot of sketches this time, because I was really busy at the table, but what I did get was an awesome haul. The first sketch I'm posting is by my buddy, Ziggy Blumenthal. Ziggy is responsible for the Indie comics; Operation Pajama Pants, Sidekicked and Chris Wnuk:Secret Jew. I really love Ziggy's art and sense of humor and wanted to get a sketch from him for a long time. I made sure to have him draw something this time and couldn't be happier with the results. I don't know how he thought of doing what he did, but it's funny, lol, and I don't have anything like this in my sketchbooks. I like when artists do something different. And this sketch is only a little taste of Ziggy's work. But don't take my word for it, check out Ziggy work at and see for yourself. Be aware that some of it is adult humor though, especially Cornerkicked. You've been warned, lol! Thanks again for the hilarious sketch, Ziggy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This weekend we'll be at the Baltimore Comicon! I'll be there along with Jamie Fay and Rey Arzeno, the awesome art team on our soon to be released NEVERMINDS. We'll have some preview art there to look at, Jamie and Rey will be doing commissions and I'll have copies of all 5 SENTINELS books, my sketchbook and a bunch of the original headshot sketches I've done this year. Jamie Fay and I will be in Artists Alley at table A126 and Rey Arzeno will at table A88. Stop by and say hello!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The 2010 Baltimore Comicon is this weekend and I've been trying to get a few more sketches done for the show. Here are a few new ones as well as a few old sketches that I still had from my "sketch a day" project and decided to color.