Monday, October 7, 2013


This week is my last convention of the year and it's the huge New York Comicon!!! NYCC is amazing and anyone who has not attended the show before really needs to try to go. In my opinion, this show is second only to San Diego Comicon.  It's a great experience! This year myself and Neverminds artist Jamie Fay have a lot going on! In addition to that, my new original graphic novel, BUGGED, is in Diamonds Previews this month and will also be available at NYCC.
First, here is the ordering info for BUGGED. The book is 96 pages and full color for $12.99. You can read early rave reviews already from Ain't It Cool News and Comic Buzz, here and here. Then just go to your local comic store and ask them to preorder the book for you. Tell them the item number is OCT131154. It's that easy! But please note that it's for mature readers.
I'll be at NYCC along with Jamie Fay at table numbers N12 and N13. Please come by and say hello and check out all the great stuff we have.
On Thursday (10/10/13) at NYCC, I'll be on a panel sponsored by Times Out and Geeks Out. The panel started from last years NY Times diversity event started by Jamie Fay. The response was so good that the NY Times' Times Out group wanted to do the event again. They invited Daniel Ketchum, Majorie Liu and myself back based on response from people who attended. Then Jamie decided to contact NYCC about doing the event at the convention and seeing if they were interested. They were very interested and the panel was quickly approved. Since this is the first Times Out event not at the Times building and since it's such a bigger platform, the Times Out group allied themselves with Geeks Out and are now co-sponsoring the panel! The guest will be Greg Pak, Marjorie Liu, Daniel Ketchum, Dan Parent and myself. The NY Times Book Review staff editor, Jude Biersdorfer will be the moderator. The panel will be in Hall 1A14 from 6:15pm to 7:15pm. If you are able to, please stop by!
On the panel, I'll be talking about Neverminds' member, Samanya. And I'm proud to announce that the incredible Jay Justice will be cosplaying Samanya at the show! How cool is that? Anyone who knows Jay and has seen her work, knows how professional and great her cosplaying is. I can't wait to see her in character and walking around. I know it's going to be unbelievable! She's be appearing as Samanya on Thursday and Sunday.
At the show, we'll be selling copies of all of the Drumfish Production titles: SENTINELS, SENTINELS ANTHOLOGY, NEVERMINDS and BUGGED!
And in addition to those, we'll have all the Drumfish figurines on display. Alanis Munroe, Firebomb, Samanya and Templar will all be available and if interested, ask us about our convention special for them! We won't have copies of Nina and Splash available, but will be taking pre-orders for them and have the prototypes there for display.
I'll be selling lots of original art at the show (as I have in previous years), but I cut back a bit in my pre-made headshots. I will have a lot of other original art that is hand colored and even some of the original art that I made into prints. But my new focus is on my new style prints. Seen below. I don't have many of them done, but I'm really proud of the ones that are. I plan to make many more of these in the coming months. (send suggestions!) I have to give a HUGE thanks to Danielle Alexis St. Pierre and Maja Cronval for their amazing colors on the new prints. I couldn't have done theses without them and their artistic perfection! (we'll miss you at NYCC this year too, Danielle (and Nathan!)).
And finally, it's been such a business few months that I haven't really said a proper thank you to all the people we've met at the last two shows (Baltimore and Pittsburgh). It was a pleasure meeting all of you and you helped make both of those show a really great experience and huge success! I only hope that NYCC is just as great.  THANK YOU!!!
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I've fallen very behind in posting my art lately and anything new. Sorry about that! I'm much better at keeping the Drumfish Productions Facebook page and DeviantArt page up to date. I'll try to fix that problem now!
I'm trying something new with my art here!
For the last two years, I've been doing a ton of headshot sketches for conventions and commissions. And they've sold really well. Too well in fact and even though I love doing them, I can't keep up. I will continue to draw my headshot sketches when I have free time, but I'd been thinking two things about them. One, whenever I draw the same character over and over, I'm beginning to use the same sort of pose in their headshot. And two, these take a lot of time to do and as I do more shows, the amount of time I have to replenish my stock becomes less and less. Therefore, I came up with a new idea. I plan to use the style seen here and make these prints available at conventions. Hopefully, they will do well. At the Pittsburgh Comicon, they were very well received. I already have a few others in the works but for now, there are just these seven. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Nightwing and Catwoman were colored by the amazing Maja Cronvall and Aquaman, Mera and Wonder Woman (colors to come soon!) were colored by NEVERMINDS colorist and incredible artist, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre!